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Ashlee Sikorski

Ashlee Sikorski


My name is Ashlee Sikorski, and I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Trevor. Dwelling in Portland, I have taken on many hobbies including gardening, raising chickens and hiking. I enjoy having conversations with close friends, eating good food with people I love, and am committed to being a lifelong learner for the sake of having the biggest societal impact. This is what has drawn me to life-coaching.

I have experienced the freedom in being asked powerful questions that created pathways in my own journey, leading me to self-discovery. Howard Thurman, who was a Civil Rights activist and Theologian, claimed, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” By receiving coaching, you will find personal successes, remove obstacles and rediscover exciting parts of yourself. But for what purpose? What motivates me is seeing my clients learn what makes them tick and then discover how to get there. Great societal impact!

I graduated with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. I am currently working toward my ICF (International Coaching Federation) licensure in an accredited graduate studies program here in Portland. I think being a licensed coach is important. ICF is the gold star of coach-accrediting bodies.

John Cutshall

John Cutshall



I’ve been listening to and assisting all sorts of people in all sorts of situations for over 35 years. I’m a speaker, a writer, a listener, and a Certified Christian Life Coach.

I find few things more exhilarating than coming alongside people to help them find innovative solutions for making their lives work better. Listening, asking questions, and together brainstorming solutions—that’s coaching in its purest form. It’s something I love and I’ve seen many, many people benefit from the process.

It’s also been my privilege to coach organizations. I’ve worked with groups of youth workers, mental health associates, ministers, law enforcement personnel, and local, county and state government agencies. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when the right questions are asked and the right goals clarified. People discover they can work together, that they can listen and grow, and that they can get things done.

As a veteran minister of over 35 years, 24 of those years in my present ministry in Marshall, Illinois, I’ve led teams of volunteers in a variety of settings.

As an author (I’ve written or contributed to over a dozen published books) I’ve tackled challenging tasks that have stretched my creativity and ability to manage difficult tasks. I understand navigating hard things—and finding a way to successfully achieve goals.

And as a former college Dean, I’ve worked with hundreds of young people who are struggling with where they fit in the world, and how they’ll make a life they want to live.

In each of those settings the coaching principles I’ve learned have been valuable tools that helped others break through obstacles and create a path toward a healthier, happier life.

The right coaching makes a difference. Whether you want to take a next step in life, write a book, lead with confidence, or deal with difficult people, having someone ask the right questions at the right time is the difference between success and failure.

I’m the husband of one wife and the father of two daughters. I’m often reminded that, when I was a teenager, I prayed that God would surround me with beautiful women.  

God just waited until I was married to answer that prayer.



Certified Christian Life Coach Coach Approach Ministries
Certificate of Completion Beeson Institute for Advanced Leadership
MA Practical Ministries Cincinnati Christian University
BA Christian Education Cincinnati Christian University



Eva Berger

Eva Berger


My name is Eva Berger and I originally come from Austria. Yet, living in Italy for over 14 years has me now feeling more like an Italian than an Austrian! And I thoroughly enjoy it.

At the age of 22, I moved to Italy to join a missionary and volunteer community center in Central Italy. For 7 years I lived together with like-minded co-workers, focusing our efforts on various volunteer and mission projects.

Over the years the desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of others grew to eventually become my life’s calling. I started to look for ways to not only be more effective as a difference maker myself, but to also be of support to other difference makers and help them have more impact.

I studied to become a Coach with Coach U, graduated from their Core Essentials program and am soon going to complete the Advanced program, while at the same time working towards getting credentialed with ICF.

Coaching has proved to be a very effective method to support individuals and small teams whose goal is to make a tangible and long-lasting difference in the world through social and environmental initiatives and projects.

I’ve worked with social entrepreneurs, teachers desiring to impact their students in a positive way, a politician with an innovative model for politics, somebody who wrote a book about his lessons in life, and someone who opened an animal rescue center, to give you an idea. There’s really no limit to how someone can make a difference, be it on a large or small scale.

Why I specialize in coaching difference makers?

Because I’ve been one myself (and still am) and have experienced firsthand the ups and downs of this incredibly rewarding, yet challenging journey. I know that it’s not easy to walk that path on your own.

To have someone who listens deeply, provides you with feedback and asks the questions that you wouldn’t have asked on your own can make a whole world of difference in your journey and effectiveness. Coaching conversations can open your mind to new perspectives, help you find solutions you didn’t see before and provide you with that safe space to bounce off ideas and thoughts, as well as help you regain strength to move forward in challenging times.