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Ashlee Sikorski

Ashlee Sikorski


My name is Ashlee Sikorski, and I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Trevor. Dwelling in Portland, I have taken on many hobbies including gardening, raising chickens and hiking. I enjoy having conversations with close friends, eating good food with people I love, and am committed to being a lifelong learner for the sake of having the biggest societal impact. This is what has drawn me to life-coaching.

I have experienced the freedom in being asked powerful questions that created pathways in my own journey, leading me to self-discovery. Howard Thurman, who was a Civil Rights activist and Theologian, claimed, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” By receiving coaching, you will find personal successes, remove obstacles and rediscover exciting parts of yourself. But for what purpose? What motivates me is seeing my clients learn what makes them tick and then discover how to get there. Great societal impact!

I graduated with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. I am currently working toward my ICF (International Coaching Federation) licensure in an accredited graduate studies program here in Portland. I think being a licensed coach is important. ICF is the gold star of coach-accrediting bodies.

John Cutshall

John Cutshall


I’ve been listening to and assisting all sorts of people in all sorts of situations for over 35 years. I’m a speaker, a writer, a listener, and a Certified Christian Life Coach.

I find few things more exhilarating than coming alongside people to help them find innovative solutions for making their lives work better. Listening, asking questions, and together brainstorming solutions—that’s coaching in its purest form. It’s something I love and I’ve seen many, many people benefit from the process.

It’s also been my privilege to coach organizations. I’ve worked with groups of youth workers, mental health associates, ministers, law enforcement personnel, and local, county and state government agencies. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when the right questions are asked and the right goals clarified. People discover they can work together, that they can listen and grow, and that they can get things done.

As a veteran minister of over 35 years, 24 of those years in my present ministry in Marshall, Illinois, I’ve led teams of volunteers in a variety of settings.

As an author (I’ve written or contributed to over a dozen published books) I’ve tackled challenging tasks that have stretched my creativity and ability to manage difficult tasks. I understand navigating hard things—and finding a way to successfully achieve goals.

And as a former college Dean, I’ve worked with hundreds of young people who are struggling with where they fit in the world, and how they’ll make a life they want to live.

In each of those settings the coaching principles I’ve learned have been valuable tools that helped others break through obstacles and create a path toward a healthier, happier life.

The right coaching makes a difference. Whether you want to take a next step in life, write a book, lead with confidence, or deal with difficult people, having someone ask the right questions at the right time is the difference between success and failure.

I’m the husband of one wife and the father of two daughters. I’m often reminded that, when I was a teenager, I prayed that God would surround me with beautiful women.  

God just waited until I was married to answer that prayer.


Certified Christian Life Coach Coach Approach Ministries
Certificate of Completion Beeson Institute for Advanced Leadership
MA Practical Ministries Cincinnati Christian University
BA Christian Education Cincinnati Christian University
Eva Berger

Eva Berger


My name is Eva Berger and I originally come from Austria. Yet, living in Italy for over 14 years has me now feeling more like an Italian than an Austrian! And I thoroughly enjoy it.

At the age of 22, I moved to Italy to join a missionary and volunteer community center in Central Italy. For 7 years I lived together with like-minded co-workers, focusing our efforts on various volunteer and mission projects.

Over the years the desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of others grew to eventually become my life’s calling. I started to look for ways to not only be more effective as a difference maker myself, but to also be of support to other difference makers and help them have more impact.

I studied to become a Coach with Coach U, graduated from their Core Essentials program and am soon going to complete the Advanced program, while at the same time working towards getting credentialed with ICF.

Coaching has proved to be a very effective method to support individuals and small teams whose goal is to make a tangible and long-lasting difference in the world through social and environmental initiatives and projects.

I’ve worked with social entrepreneurs, teachers desiring to impact their students in a positive way, a politician with an innovative model for politics, somebody who wrote a book about his lessons in life, and someone who opened an animal rescue center, to give you an idea. There’s really no limit to how someone can make a difference, be it on a large or small scale.

Why I specialize in coaching difference makers?

Because I’ve been one myself (and still am) and have experienced firsthand the ups and downs of this incredibly rewarding, yet challenging journey. I know that it’s not easy to walk that path on your own.

To have someone who listens deeply, provides you with feedback and asks the questions that you wouldn’t have asked on your own can make a whole world of difference in your journey and effectiveness. Coaching conversations can open your mind to new perspectives, help you find solutions you didn’t see before and provide you with that safe space to bounce off ideas and thoughts, as well as help you regain strength to move forward in challenging times.

Linda J. Hansen

Linda J. Hansen


I came to coaching through a very unique path (don’t we all?) and am delighted to join this group of committed coaches serving clients across the globe.  As someone who has experienced difficult transitions and times of fear or indecision, I can personally attest to the benefits of coaching. I am thankful I am now able to help others find their own answers as they face transitions, seek direction, desire to improve performance, or as they simply want to find greater joy and contentment in their personal or professional path.

My International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed training began with the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, based in Atlanta, GA, where I completed requirements to become a Certified Personal and Executive Coach (CPEC).  I then went on to receive Mentor Coach training through Coach Approach Ministries, and I constantly seek to expand my growth through a variety of continuing education opportunities.  At this writing, I am very close to earning my ACC credentialing through ICF.  I am also a Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker through the John Maxwell Leadership Program.

In addition to coaching, I serve clients as a consultant in the areas of government & public affairs, strategic planning, and marketing.  I am one of very few women to ever serve at the highest levels of a major presidential campaign, having served as Executive Vice-President – Deputy Chief of Staff for a major front-runner candidate in the 2011-2012 election cycle. I have also authored books and articles, and have served as a keynote speaker and spokesperson for various organizations.

In addition, I have a very special and unique background as a homeschool mom to six (now grown) children.  Raising them was the most important job I’ve ever held, and that season of life brings richness and wisdom to all of my professional activities.

Coaching adds value to every area of a person’s life, and I truly look forward to serving you as you seek to reach your fullest potential and experience the life you desire.   Whether young, old, or seeking answers in your personal or professional life, coaching can help release you to become free and fulfilled, living out your God-given purpose and enjoying life to the fullest.

Please contact me via email at: LindaJHansen@me.com

I look forward to serving you

Lenka Sedlacek

Lenka Sedlacek


I have started my professional career in finance and audit functions in big banks. The corporate environment can be a tough place in many aspects: I got to experience and understand the challenges of work-life balance as well as keeping one’s personal integrity and authenticity under the pressure and corporate politics. I also experienced the life situations where all of this can lead: I became very frustrated by the lack of purpose in my work and life in general, therefore I took a coach.

Thanks to coaching I have myself experienced major shifts in my life: I have witnessed the power of coaching. On this journey of personal search I became passionate about positive psychology and transition coaching so I decided to become a coach myself. That way I could combine my knowledge of business and human behavior with my passion of helping people with their personal growth. Today I live a joyful and balanced life and I am dedicated to assist my clients on similar journeys such as mine. I am convinced that everyone can experience his or her own happier version of life.

I am a certified coach since 2013 and I am coaching individuals around the world. I focus on coaching and accompanying people through minor or major transition phases in their lives. That can be: Transitioning from being employed to becoming an independent entrepreneur; from living as a single to being married – or vice-versa. It can also be to change industries or move to another country or entering into a new life phase, such as becoming parents and the many stages you go through as the family grows, approaching retirement etc.

I have lived and worked in three different countries myself and I have entirely switched my career path. I learned how to transition; that is to start from scratch again and again. But I also head the pleasure to experience getting more experienced, stronger and happier every time! I live in Switzerland now, I am married and I am a mother of little twins. All these life experiences brought me
to my personal motto: We are who we choose to be! And I will be very happy to support you and to witness your process of becoming the person you choose to be!

Dena Ames

Dena Ames


Dena Ames is first and foremost a servant leader who is passionate about helping people realize their full potential. This includes helping individuals recognize and overcome their fears, discover hidden talents, and provide the support and encouragement to bring their dreams to life.

I am naturally gifted at developing relationships, building trust, and asking powerful questions. This combination has afforded me to develop relationships first. The relationship many times evolves to include the opportunity to become a trusted advisor for individuals at all levels in organizations and communities.

I am a studier of people and seek to understand their behaviors; what works well and what doesn’t. My breadth of professional experience has included working in some incredible organizations. My career has afforded me the opportunity to work with and for some “great” leaders and some “not-so- great” leaders. These experiences combined with my passion for people and behavior studying has afforded me the opportunity to fill my coaching and leadership toolbox with a variety of tools that help guide coaching relationships.

I’d like to use the coaching platform along with my business expertise, people passion and life experiences to help you discover where you are in your journey, where you want to be, what’s getting in the way of getting there, and map out a plan to get there – wherever there might be.

Anastasia Simeonidou

Anastasia Simeonidou


A very warm welcome from our small beautiful coaching community!I am Anastasia,a passionate and unrepentant dreamer searching for years where I can better fit in this world in order to add a tiny drop of change to contribute in someone’s happiness.

I come from and live in the second biggest city of Greece, Thessaloniki. I have a Bachelor Degree in Education but traveling became soon my profession as I started to work at first as a tour guide and then shifted to Dubai staying for almost 7 years seeing the world around while working in a big airline.Small things like a nice meal and spending time with family and friends are priceless to me.I love theater, been many years an amateur actress but found more interest behind the scenes by starting to express myself in writing.

Coaching helped me rediscover myself and allowed me to evaluate and love the qualities that we all carry and make us who we are, without having to look around to spot what we don’t have, what we are not, trying to be someone else. We are all special and unique and this should be the first step of awareness while starting to set our goals, understanding what we really want and following our dreams with passion.

The path in life gets too difficult at times and we may believe that happiness and peace is nowhere to be found. Don’t give up, you are not alone. It’s never too late to start a trip to self-discovery. Coaching will help you to keep in track and have someone next to you to see light where you can’t see and stand by you always with respect, adapting in your reality, honoring the bond created with absolute confidentiality. Keep your heart and mind open, while the coach will be helping you to elicit solutions and strategies in order to eliminate the obstacles that stand between you and yourself. Never forget happiness is inside us, we just have to find the way to it.And the journey is still on…

You can contact me at a.simeonidou86@gmail.com
It would be my pleasure to be your “traveling companion” in your journey!


Libby Johnson

Libby Johnson


Libby inspires confidence in others as they discover their fullest self. She is a professional coach, public speaker, and writer. She has 19 years’ experience as a small business owner combined with 10 years’ experience in customer service management of small and medium-sized businesses. Libby has the skills needed to take you to the next level professionally and personally.

Libby will help you explore potential obstacles that may be keeping you from moving towards success. Through focused listening and sometimes tough questions, she will help you find clarity and the focus that will move you in a direction that brings success in all areas of your life. She will challenge you to new thoughts and together you will discover where that new thinking could take you.

Libby has a Certificate in Christian Leadership Coaching (CCLC) and is trained through Coach Approach Ministries (CAM). She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As a second career Master of Divinity graduate, she knows what it takes to remain focused in order to reach goals, desires and dreams. She is also a graduate of UNC-Wilmington and holds a BS in Business Management.

Libby is a native of Wilmington NC, she has been married to Kenny for 30 years, and has two boys, Brandon and Zack. In the spare time she has, she enjoys going to the beach, walking, reading for pleasure, and any kind of self-care.

Libby has been coaching small business owners towards success for over a year. If you are serious about making progress towards your dreams, even if you have not fully identified those dreams, then Libby is the coach for you. Together the two of you will co-create action steps that will move you towards your new reality.

Craig Morrison

Craig Morrison



Hello, my name is Craig Morrison and I’ve had the privilege of partnering with students and parents for the past 20 years as a youth pastor.   I enjoy helping them connect the dots to discover their life’s purpose, passion and calling.  I’m a husband, dad and fellow pilgrim on the road of life.  I’ve helped hundreds of students and parents clarify their options before making various life decisions.

Have you ever taken a hike and gotten lost? Did you learn to ride a bike or play an instrument when you were growing up?  Even though there are sign posts and maps to help you navigate the trail you could still lose your sense of direction.  Watching youtube videos before trying something new can be helpful, but leave you without a clear plan on how to accomplish your goals.  In each of these instances our best chance for success is when we have a REAL person guide us through the process of learning and growing.  The same is true in other areas of life as well, especially when we’re experiencing a new life transition. We have to know where we are and where we want to go before we can create the plan on how to get there.

We can choose to go it alone, read books, watch youtube videos, follow the crowd and get advice from our friends.  Or we could invite a trained life coach to ask the right question at the right time and challenge us to move in the desired direction.   The coaching process helps us figure out our next steps and create the plan so we can start moving forward.

If you have more questions than clarity then I encourage you to consider trying out a coaching conversation.   Let’s schedule a time to discuss your future and start moving in the right direction.